Below you can find the Australian forest management standard and a range of other resources relevant for Australian forest managers.

All FSC forest management is based on the FSC Principles and Criteria for Forest Stewardship and underpinned by the International Generic Indicators.

Standards for FSC Forest Management in Australia

Coming into effect in 2018, FSC-STD-AUS-01-2018 EN FSC Australia Forest Stewardship Standard marked an important milestone for responsible forestry in Australia. This was the first time in Australia that economic, environmental and social stakeholders came together to define what responsible forestry looks like in Australia.

While its development was lengthy and detailed, the result was an outstanding forest management standard that guides forest managers to balance economic issues (production of wood), environmental issues (protection of forest ecosystems) and social issues (protection of workers’, communities’ and Indigenous Peoples’ rights).

The sum total of this balance is responsible forestry practices that are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.

If you are interested in obtaining FSC forest management certification, see here.

The Australian forest management standard is currently being revised. To learn more about this process, see here.

Important Documents

Minimum List Of Applicable Laws*, Regulations And Nationally Ratified International Treaties, Conventions And Agreements
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The FSC Australian Forest Management Standard
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Advice and Interpretations

A directive includes all advice issued in relation to a single standard. The relation to a standard is reflected in the document code. An interpretation is a formal normative clarification provided by the FSC Performance and Standards Unit to requirements included in documents of the FSC Normative Framework. 


FSC Directive on Forest Management Evaluations (FSC-DIR-20-007)


Forest Management Interpretations

Ecosystem Services Interpretations