Trademark Use for Promotional Licence Holders

Promoting with FSC trademarks highlights your achievements in sourcing products containing forest-derived materials from responsible supply chains and informs consumers and clients that their purchasing choices contribute to taking care of the world’s forests. The FSC trademarks are the primary communication tools for FSC Promotional Licence Holders to demonstrate that they sell or use products that meet the standards set by FSC

When using the FSC trademarks, Promotional Licence Holders must comply with the FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders.

FSC Label 2

FSC Promotional Licence Holders can use the FSC trademarks for:

  • The promotion of FSC-certified and labelled products or services.
  • The promotion of the use of FSC certified products in their business operations.
  • Making corporate social responsibility claims.
  • Making procurement or purchasing claims for finished labelled products.
  • Stating a preference for FSC certified products to suppliers.
  • Promoting completed FSC certified projects.
  • Informing or educating about FSC and/or the FSC system.
  • The promotion of training or consultancy on FSC certification and/or the FSC system.

Promotional Licence Holders can use the FSC trademarks for off-product promotional purposes only. This includes social media campaigns, in-store promotional material, on webpages and in catalogues.

Only FSC Chain of Custody Certificate Holders can apply the FSC trademarks on products. Click here for more information about FSC Chain of Custody certification.


Trademark Approvals

FSC grants Promotional Licence Holders access to the FSC Trademark Portal, where the FSC trademarks can be downloaded and FSC promotional panels featuring the licence holder's unique FSC licence code can be generated. Promotional Licence Holders' use of the FSC trademarks for promotional purposes must be authorised by FSC. Promotional Licence Holders must submit all intended uses of FSC trademarks to for approval prior to publication

FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders
PDF, Size: 11.97MB

Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders

FSC’s Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders sets out how to use the FSC trademarks correctly and must be adhered to by all Promotional Licence Holders when using the FSC trademarks.  The Guide covers use of the FSC trademarks to promote the sale or use of FSC certified product and for promotion of the company's status as an FSC promotional licence holder.