We are here to help our Promotional Licence Holders demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and are excited to tell the stories that make up our journey together. 

Together, we can promote your organisation’s unique responsible sourcing and sustainability story and the importance of your partnership with FSC. This could include social media posts, campaigns, fact sheets, case studies and more.


Officeworks + FSC Australia: Restoring Australia...

Officeworks is helping its customers make more sustainable purchasing decisions through its Restoring Australia initiative. Under the initiative, Officeworks will plant two trees for every one used, based on the...


In the spotlight: Woolworths Group Limited

In September 2019, Woolworths Group became the first major Australian retailer to join the FSC Trademarks Program, further confirming its commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing.

Comfy Koalas 1

Comfy Koalas FSC-certified Eco-Nappies!

Meet the forest-friendly nappy made from premium, FSC-certified, biodegradable bamboo! Comfy Koalas are on a mission to create a more sustainable future for all, and their partnership with FSC helps them showcase...

Forte Flooring Image

Forté: Forest Friendly Flooring

Forté is a family-owned New Zealand-based business with a passion for responsibly sourced timber that stems from over 25 years of experience in the industry. They offer a broad collection of timber surfaces -...


Hallmark: Celebrate Your Special Occasion with...

Every day, Hallmark helps thousands of people across Australia and New Zealand to celebrate their meaningful moments with responsibly sourced FSC-certified greeting cards. Partnering with FSC ANZ in June 2022...

Kazzi Kovers

Kazzi Kovers Custom FSC-Certified Wood Hangers

Consumers today are proactively searching for products that benefit their needs and contribute to economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Kazzi Kovers considers it their duty of care to our planet to...

Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo are a New Zealand based FSC® Promotional Licence Holder.

At the Wellington Zoo, everything from signage to the gift shop educates about the importance of responsible forestry. There’s even a pledge wall where visitors can take selfies and pledge to buy FSC-certified products! 💚

Karen Fifeld, Chief Executive at the Wellington Zoo, explains the benefits of the FSC Promotional Licence for the zoo and wildlife.