We collect various types of data to monitor and evaluate our performance against the desired change we want to achieve in forest management practices. This allows us to evaluate our impacts.

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Our Data

FSC-certified forest managers must have an annual assessment carried out by an FSC-accredited certification body. In the event that forest management does not meet FSC requirements, corrective actions are requested by certification bodies for forest managers to gain, or maintain, FSC certification. Such actions are called corrective action requests (CARs).

CARs focus on several indicators related to FSC standards, such as ecosystem services, biodiversity, health and safety, etc. For each certification assessment, certification bodies produce a report that contains information about the certified forest management unit, including CARs that have been issued.

We make these reports available in the FSC certificate holder database to allow anybody to access information from certification assessments. The analysis of CARs provides some insights into the impacts resulting from FSC certification. 

The FSC Impact Dashboard is an interactive and user-friendly tool that allows you to navigate through a compilation of isolated results from scientific studies about the outcomes of FSC-certification across the world’s forests. 


FSC & The Sustainable Development Goals

The work of FSC is helping achieve 40 targets under 14 sustainable development goals (SDGs). FSC helps achieve sustainable forest management in the world, one of the targets of SDG 15 (Life on Land). The broad environmental, social, and economic focus of the FSC forest stewardship principles also contribute to the SDGs focused on poverty, equality, natural resources, production and consumption patterns, decent work, climate change, inclusive and accountable societies, and global partnerships.

Together we are FSC

Go on an adventure around the globe to meet the people behind some of the world's FSC-certified forests and organisations.

Together we have the power to safeguard our planet for future generations.

Eudoxie's story

Eudoxie lives and works in an FSC-certified forest in Gabon. 

Pertii's story

For Finnish forest manager, Pertii, the forest provides more than just timber.

Nina & Jenny's story

Swedish sisters, Nina and Jenny manage the forest they inherited from their father to FSC standards.