Certification bodies

FSC sets the standards for forest management and chain of custody certification and defines the procedures that certification bodies should follow in their certification assessments. To ensure credibility and transparency, FSC does not issue certificates itself. Instead, this role is held by independent certification bodies who carry out the forest management, ecosystem services, ecosystem services, and chain of custody assessments that lead to FSC certification. 

Certification Body

We recommend you contact multiple accredited certification bodies to enquire about your FSC certification audit as costs can vary.

Certification Bodies Operating in Australia & New Zealand

Bureau Veritas Certification

Contact: Jeanette Slepcev
Email: jeanette.slepcev@bureauveritas.com 
Tel: +61(0) 3 9922 0700
Website: www.bureauveritas.com.au
Accredited Since: 25 July 2005
Accreditation Number: ASI-ACC-016
Scope: Worldwide for FSC Chain of Custody and Forest Management Certification(excluding Russia for FM).


DNV Business Assurance (DNV GL)

Contact: Anders Nenzen
Email: anders.nenzen@dnvgl.com
Website: https://www.dnvgl.com/
Accredited since: 14 August 2007
Accreditation Number: ASI-ACC-022
Scope: Worldwide for Chain of Custody certification and Forest Management certification in Sweden and Finland.



Contact: Emily Silberberg
Email: FSC@Global-Mark.com.au
Tel: +61 429 647 700
Website: https://www.global-mark.com.au/
Accredited since: 29 February 2012
Accreditation Number: ASI-ACC-045
Scope: Worldwide for Chain of Custody certification.


Preferred by Nature (previously NEPCon)

Contact: Malory Weston
Email: mweston@preferredbynature.org
Tel: +61 427 518 631
Website: www.preferredbynature.org
Accredited since: 25 October 2014
Accreditation Number: ASI-ACC-066
Scope: Worldwide for Chain of Custody, Controlled Wood and Forest Management certification.


QMI SAI Global

Email: assurance@saiglobal.com
Tel: 1300 360 314
Website: www.saiglobal.com/worldwide/australia.htm
Accredited since: 10 August 2008
Accreditation Number: ASI-ACC-026
Scope: Worldwide for Chain of Custody and Forest Management certification.


Scientific Certification Systems trading as SCS Global Services

Contact 1: Nick Capobianco (Chain of Custody certification)
Email: ncapobianco@scsglobalservices.com
Tel: +61 458 247 336
Contact 2: Brendan Grady (Forest management)
Email: bgrady@scsglobalservices.com
Contact 3: Evan Poirson
Email: epoirson@scsglobalservices.com
Website: http://www.scsglobalservices.com/australia-nz
Accredited since: 30 June 1995
Accrediation Number: ASI-ACC-002
Scope: Worldwide for Chain of Custody and Forest Management certification.


SGS Qualifor

Australia Contact: Helen Davila 
Tel: +61 2 8594 0486
Mobile: +61 438 884 392
New Zealand Contact: Carol Rivera - Forestry Program Manager NZ
Email: carol.rivera@sgs.com
Tel: Freecall 0800 103 443 or Mobile +64 278 374 667
Website: https://www.sgs.com/en-nz/service-groups/forestry 


Soil Association Certification Ltd

Email: ForestryUKADIA@soilassociation.org

Tel: +44 (0)1179142435
Website: www.soilassociation.org/forestry/
Accredited since: 30 June 1995
Accreditation Number: ASI-ACC-004
Scope: Worldwide for Chain of Custody, Controlled Wood and Forest Management certification.

Contact via email is preferred

Assurance Services International (ASI)

FSC works with a global assurance partner: Assurance Services International (ASI) whose mission is to assure the credibility of voluntary sustainability standards. ASI oversees the certification activities of certification bodies to make sure that the forest stewardship standards are implemented correctly on the ground. 

Many FSC-accredited certification bodies offer certification to FSC standards worldwide. For a global list of certification bodies,
search ASI's 'Find a Certification Assessment Body' (select FSC in the program filter).