Certified forests

FSC-Certified Forests

FSC-certified forests are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards. More than 200 million hectares of forest are managed to FSC standards...
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FSC Labels

FSC labels can be found on millions of products and items of packaging around the world. What does the label mean? Simply put: by choosing products with FSC...
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Use the FSC Trademarks

FSC owns five registered trademarks: the name "Forest Stewardship Council", the abbreviation "FSC", the FSC 'tick-tree' logo and the full and text-only 'Forests...
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Wellington Zoo

Integrity Stories

Preserving Our Planet's Future: Wellington Zoo's Commitment to Supporting FSC Sustainable Forestry

Underpinning all of Wellington Zoo's work is a commitment to safeguarding wildlife and their habitats, as exemplified by their full-fledged support for the FSC system. Their unwavering commitment to affecting enduring constructive change in society and the environment is evident in all facets of their work.

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Technical News

FSC Publish New Standard to Address Today's Most Pressing Issues Facing New Zealand Forests

FSC ANZ is proud to announce the publication of a new standard for responsible forest management in New Zealand. 

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New Zealand Forest
Timber 3.

Thought Pieces

Connecting People with Nature in the Built Environment through Biophilic Building Design

Post-lockdown city occupants treasure urban green spaces more than ever and are increasingly seeking out ways to bring the natural environment into their lives. Why? Because nature makes us feel good.

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Social Media Highlights

Global Staff Meeting - 2022
After an excellent week of inspiration and knowledge sharing in Cologne, Germany among our FSC...
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Indigenous Working Group Meeting May
Meeting face-to-face for the first time in over two years, FSC Australia's Indigenous Working Group...
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SM Post - Why We Need Forests
From the air we breathe to the forest products we rely upon every day - we depend on forests for our...