Knowledge Tree

The FSC ANZ Knowledge Tree Series offers training on relevant parts of the FSC system to certificate holders, promotional licence holders and stakeholders.


FSC Australia & New Zealand
  1. Promotional Licence Holder Training

    This training opportunity is designed to introduce you to the FSC trademark licence system and explains how you can use the FSC trademarks in your business. Trademark licence holders are organisations which are not required to hold Chain of Custody certification but who are using the FSC trademarks in their business for promotional purposes. Examples are retailers, end users and other companies who are selling or using FSC-certified products, such as packaging, in their business.

    This course will help you understand:

    • What FSC is and how it works
    • What an FSC trademark licence is and who is eligible to hold one
    • How to check that your suppliers and their products are FSC certified
    • The graphic requirements for using the FSC trademarks in your promotional materials
    • How to get your artwork approved
  2. FSC Chain of Custody Training

    This training provides organisations the opportunity to easily access and learn about FSC Chain of Custody certification, as stand-alone or in preparation for more in-depth webinar training. The training also intends to bring further benefits to your organisation such as increasing staff knowledge and improving engagement with suppliers.

    The training includes an explanation of:

    • How the FSC chain of custody system works.
    • The roles of FSC International, FSC National offices, certification bodies and Assurance Services International.
    • The different FSC labels, the 3 systems for controlling FSC claims and a brief overview of FSC controlled wood.
    • How to use the FSC certificate database and how to check that companies have FSC certification, what FSC certified products they can supply and how to check invoices.
    • An introduction to the FSC trademarks