Protecting the Brand

FSC owns a portfolio of trademarks worldwide. These trademarks form part of the foundation on which the FSC system is built. Correct use of the trademarks is critical to ensuring brand integrity and credibility, and something we take very seriously.  We're vigilant in protecting our valuable trademarks and take swift measures to deal with identified cases of violations. We enjoy a synergetic relationship with our stakeholders who are integral in helping unearth and resolve cases of infringements.

Label on Product

Trademark Infringements

Trademark infringement refers to unauthorized use of marks with the intention to mislead or confuse consumers.

Infringement is remedied by taking appropriate legal action against the infringer, including using available laws where necessary. Infringement matters are dealt with by the FSC's legal department, however the preliminary process may involve national or regional offices.

Potential effects of infringements on FSC include:

  • loss of trademark rights;
  • loss of goodwill, reputation, trust or integrity of the FSC system;
  • exposure to legal risks including lawsuits; and
  • confusion in the market as to the certification status of products in the market.

A note on trademark misuse:

Misuse of trademarks refers to non-compliant uses of trademarks by licensed users. Misuses are often remedied by engaging and obligating the licensee to follow and comply with FSC trademark standards/guidelines. FSC's trademark management unit is responsible for controlling and remedying misuses. FSC's legal department is not involved in resolving misuse incidences, unless and only when a legal question arises.

Reporting a Trademark Infringement

Our stakeholders are vital in our effort to preserve the credibility and integrity of the FSC system. The information and intelligence we gather from you is invaluable. We encourage our stakeholders to report cases of infringements to us as this greatly assists in maintaining and ensuring the credibility and integrity of the FSC brand.  If you become aware of an infringement, please complete the infringement reporting form to allow us to resolve the matter in a timely manner.