Do you want to have a real influence on the future of the world’s forests? Could you help shape the future of responsible forest management? Would you like to have a say in the development of standards, policies and procedures for the certification of products from well-managed forests?

If so, FSC membership could be for you!


FSC’s unique governance structure ensures that all voices are heard and that decisions are made through consensus. FSC members contribute directly to our standards and to the future of responsible forestry. FSC brings together, among others, private enterprises, NGOs, international organisations, indigenous groups, and educational institutions. It is a diverse set of stakeholders but they all share a common desire to improve the state of the world’s forests.  Members apply to join one of three chambers – environmental, social, or economic – that are further divided into northern and southern sub-chambers.

Each chamber holds 33.3% of the weight in votes, and within each chamber the votes are weighted so that the North and South hold an equal portion of authority, to ensure influence is shared equitably between interest groups and countries with different levels of economic development. The votes of all individual members in each sub-chamber represent 10% of the total vote of the sub-chamber, while the votes of organisational members make up the other 90%.

Apply for Membership

Membership provides you with a seat at the decision-making table. It also allows you to become part of a vibrant group of individuals and organisations. If you are interested in becoming a member, please download these documents.

After reviewing the Membership Guide, if you have any questions, please contact us at

FSC® Australia Membership Form 170815
DOCX, Size: 378.87KB
FSC® Australia Membership Document Checklist
DOCX, Size: 322.32KB
Membership of FSC Australia Guidelines
PDF, Size: 204.48KB

Benefits of Membership

  • Assume a leadership role in the growing market for independently certified forest products.
  • Join a forum building relationships with business, environmental, Indigenous and community  leaders.
  • Take up a position of influence to support healthy forests, strong communities and thriving businesses.
  • Share in the decision-making authority to bring integrity and resilience to the FSC system.
  • Have your voice heard on matters pertaining to the forests of the world.
  • Attend the FSC General Assembly

Who can be a member?

Anyone, whether an individual or representative of an organisation (whether for-profit or non-profit) can apply to be an FSC member. Members have decision making power, and are fundamental to the organisation and its vision. FSC relies on the diverse economic, social and environmental interests of our members to share the decision-making authority to bringing integrity and resilience to the FSC system.

When you apply to become a member, you must agree not to become involved in any activities which are unacceptable to FSC. As an FSC member, you are also obliged to take active part in board elections, pay your annual fees within the given time frame, inform the FSC Secretariat if your contact details change, or in case of organisational changes.


Members' portal

A global platform for all of our membership activities.


FSC members

List of all current FSC members worldwide.


Become an International Member

Applying for international membership is easy. Complete our online application or download our printable form to apply via post.