Implementing the NZ FSS

FSC has published a new forest certification standard for New Zealand/Aotearoa to support the sustainable management of forests across the country. Effective on April 15th 2023, the New Zealand Forest Stewardship Standard (FSS) has been developed over the last eight years and has the backing of industry, environmental, Indigenous and community groups.

Craig Kenney - FSC NZ Business Development Manager
New Zealand Forestry

When Will FSC Forest Managers Need to Apply the NZ FSS?

January 17th is the publication date of the NZ FSS. From this date, FSC-certified forest managers in New Zealand will be able to study the new standard. 3 months later, on April 15th, the standard will come into effect. Once it comes into effect, forest managers will have 12 months to implement the new standard. Within this 12-month phase-in period, the FSC forest managers can choose to be audited against their current forest management standard or the new NZ FSS.

After 12 months, all FSC certificate holders in New Zealand must be evaluated against the new standard. By October 15th, 2024, 18 months after the effective start date, all certificates under the old interim standards will be invalid. 

NZ FSS Implementation Timeline
FSC® New Zealand FSS Implementation Timeline