Through their 'Green Zoo, Green You' sustainability program, the zoo has taken great strides to ensure that their operations and infrastructure are both environmentally and socially responsible. This includes a commitment to using forest-friendly FSC-certified wood and paper products, reducing waste, composting and reusing building materials, using energy-efficient lighting and heaters, and collecting over 300,000 litres of rain for bathrooms and cleaning. Through the Green Zoo, Green You initiative, the zoo strives to inspire and motivate its visitors to adopt environmentally responsible practices in their lives.

Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo also places great importance on promoting thriving, healthy forests, demonstrated by their longstanding partnership with the FSC. They not only stock numerous FSC-certified products in their Zoo Shop but also employ FSC-certified and recycled materials when constructing animal habitats and other structures throughout the zoo. Since obtaining their FSC Promotional License Holder status in April 2018, the zoo has also been educating visitors about the importance and meaning behind the FSC label. They actively encourage visitors to seek out forest-based products with the FSC check tree label, such as toilet paper, books, furniture, and other forest-based items.

On their support of the FSC system, CEO of the Wellington Zoo Trust, Karen Fifield notes, “Wellington Zoo lives by the kaupapa (principles) ‘Me Tiaki, Kia Ora’, which means that we must look after our planet so that all life can thrive. Supporting FSC and sustainable forestry help us to live our kaupapa. FSC guides our decision-making from procurement policies and construction right through to our visitor experience messaging”.

CEO of FSC ANZ, Melanie Robertson, celebrates their work, stating, “Wellington Zoo's advocacy to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding the world's forests and the individuals and animals dependent on them is a source of pride for FSC. They offer a fantastic opportunity for visitors to dive into the world of sustainability, conservation, and FSC's responsible forestry standards in an exciting and enjoyable way.”

Wellington Zoo: Safeguarding wildlife and wild places