Crafted entirely from 100% recycled materials, their environmentally conscious practices go beyond waste reduction to conserve resources, using 50% less water and 90% less energy than conventional methods. Their dedication to local manufacturing minimises environmental impact while ensuring each product meets rigorous global standards.

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In 2023, Yarn’n became FSC Promotional Licence Holders, ensuring their toilet paper originates from FSC certified forests. This commitment actively contributes to combatting biodiversity loss, deforestation, and climate change. By sourcing from FSC certified forests, Yarn’n promotes sustainable forestry practices that respect Indigenous Peoples’ rights, support local communities and forest workers, and protect diverse wildlife that live in the forests.

"We have always admired FSC’s initiatives to bring global awareness to where our products and materials come from. We depend on forests, and by doing all we can to protect and steward them, we all profit," shares Lane Stockton, CEO & Founder of Yarn’n.

Lane explained that Yarn’n’s commitment to sourcing from FSC-certified forests underscores their prioritisation of high-quality products, environmental stewardship, and cultural significance. In addition to their partnership with FSC, Yarn’n collaborates with organisations like Great Wrap, specialists in compostable stretch wrap, to further reduce plastic waste. Additionally, each roll of Yarn’n toilet paper features artwork and stories inspired by First Nations cultures, celebrating totems, artist profiles, and dreamtime stories. This initiative aims to share and preserve First Nations language and culture, fostering unity and inspiration throughout Australia.


Yarn’n proudly supports education through a partnership with Yalari, directing 50% of their profits to empower First Nations children. Founded by Waverley Stanley AM and Llew Mullins, Yalari provides educational and leadership opportunities for Indigenous youth from regional and remote Australia. This partnership demonstrates Yarn’n’s commitment to driving generational change through education and community support.

CEO of FSC ANZ Melanie Robertson notes “We at FSC ANZ are thrilled to have Yarn'n as a part of our community. Their commendable efforts in advancing education for First Nations children underscore their commitment to creating a positive influence.” She continues to explain that by sourcing their toilet paper from FSC-certified forests, Yarn'n actively contributes to combating deforestation and the climate crisis more broadly. “Their holistic focus on social impact and environmental stewardship exemplifies how everyday products can promote both human well-being and planetary health. Their support for FSC plays a crucial role in nurturing healthy, thriving forests, which are vital for communities and biodiversity worldwide.” Said Melanie.

This July, Yarn’n introduces new artwork by Bayley Mifsud, a descendant of the Peek and Kirrae Whurrong clans of the Mar Nation in Warrnambool, South West Victoria. Titled “Kapa Ngoonang - Sunset,” Bayley’s artwork beautifully captures Warrnambool’s beach essence, reflecting her deep connection to Country and community.


"As I gaze upon it, memories flood back of evenings spent with my cousins, watching this breathtaking view over the breakwater. It’s difficult to articulate the deep connection I feel to this land – a sense of safety, love, and respect ingrained in every sunset witnessed back on Country," says Bayley Mifsud.

Through pioneering efforts in sustainability and cultural collaboration, Yarn’n showcases how business can positively impact the environment and communities. Moving forward, Yarn’n remains steadfast in creating products that are responsibly sourced, sustainable, enriching, and empowering for all Australians.