This commitment wasn't a mere short-term project; it demanded persistent dedication, continuous improvement, and unwavering innovation. Through their steadfast commitment, Finsbury Green emerged as a leader within the industry, setting new benchmarks and inspiring others to follow suit.

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Central to their journey was the firm resolve to demonstrate their dedication to responsibly sourced paper, ensuring it did not contribute to deforestation. They actively promoted the significance of supporting healthy forests by sourcing paper from FSC-certified forests. Obtaining FSC Chain of Custody certification in 2006 was a critical milestone, signifying their commitment to sustainable forestry practices that prioritise the well-being of forests, local communities, and wildlife.

Rod Wade, Marketing Director at Finsbury Green, highlighted their efforts to educate customers about the importance of FSC. He explained, "We aimed to inform and advocate the global story of sustainable forestry and the advantages of FSC as one of the most esteemed forestry certifications globally." Their Green Paper Guide, listing all available paper stocks in Australia along with their eco-credentials, particularly FSC certification, became an influential publication. Over a decade, they distributed over 120,000 copies, aiding in spreading awareness.

Finsbury Green persisted in educating new customers about FSC, with Wade noting, "Today, the task is simpler due to the widespread availability of eco-friendly paper marked with FSC certification, a testament to the industry's collective efforts." The company continues to set benchmarks, underscoring its commitment to environmental responsibility and valuing its FSC certification.

In a recent celebration of their Sustainability Month, Finsbury Green invited Jennifer Nicita, FSC Australia and New Zealand’s Trademarks and Partnerships Manager, to address their staff. This event marked an essential part of Finsbury Green's ongoing efforts to educate and engage their team in understanding the broader significance of their commitment to FSC certification.

Finsbury Green's journey stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Their pioneering efforts in endorsing FSC certification and their continuous education initiatives illustrate the transformative power a company can wield in promoting sustainable practices and shaping a more responsible future. With ongoing dedication, they continue to inspire both within their industry and beyond, advocating for responsible environmental stewardship and fostering a culture of sustainability.