With production volumes more than doubling since 1990 and an anticipated further increase in usage, concerns about the environmental impact of this trend have become increasingly urgent. To address these challenges, the FSC launched the Fashion Forever Green Pact (FFGP) in 2022, an initiative calling on the entire fashion ecosystem to embrace responsible sourcing practices and support the sustainable production of forest-derived materials.


The Rise of Forest-Based Textiles:

MMCFs, including viscose, modal, and lyocell, have emerged as key components of the fashion industry's fabric repertoire. Derived from wood, these fibres have experienced remarkable growth, making them one of the fastest-growing segments in the past decade. However, the industry's reliance on forests extends beyond fibres, with over 11 million tonnes of natural rubber harvested in 2017, and consumption expected to reach 19 million tonnes by 2025.


The Fashion Forever Green Pact:

In response to the escalating demand for forest-based products within the fashion industry, the FSC Fashion Forever Green Pact serves as a call for immediate action. Aimed at brands, retailers, and manufacturers alike, the pact encourages the adoption of responsible sourcing practices to safeguard the world's forests. By committing to responsible procurement policies, embracing certified sourcing, and prominently displaying FSC labelling, the fashion industry can actively contribute to the sustainable production of renewable fibres.

Key Components of FFGP:

  • Responsible Sourcing Commitment: The FFGP emphasises the adoption of responsible sourcing practices throughout the fashion industry. Brands, retailers, and manufacturers are urged to evaluate and modify their sourcing strategies to prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Certified Sourcing: A crucial aspect of the FFGP is the endorsement of certified sourcing. Brands are encouraged to seek out and partner with suppliers who adhere to FSC's rigorous standards, ensuring that forest-based materials are procured sustainably.
  • FSC Labelling: The use of FSC labelling on products signifies a commitment to responsible forestry. Consumers can make informed choices by supporting brands that display the FSC logo, promoting a marketplace where sustainability is a driving force.

Benefits of Joining FFGP:

  • Proactive Brand Responsibility: Brands aligning with the FFGP showcase their proactive commitment to supporting responsible forestry, earning consumer trust and enhancing their sustainability credentials.
  • Manufacturer Role Acknowledgment: The pact recognises the essential role manufacturers play in maintaining supply chain integrity. By joining the FFGP, manufacturers affirm their dedication to sustainable production practices.
  • Empowering Responsible Consumers: Consumers are empowered to make environmentally conscious choices by supporting brands associated with the FFGP. FSC labelling becomes a guiding beacon for those seeking to shop responsibly.


How to Get Involved:

To learn more about the Fashion Forever Green Pact and discover how your organisation can contribute to sustainable fashion practices, click here. Stay informed about upcoming information sessions on FSC's collaboration with the fashion industry by emailing us at info@au.fsc.org.