2023 FSC AGM - Director Nomination Form
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Total positions available on the Board are:

  • Economic Chamber – One Seat
  • Social Chamber – Two Seats
  • Environmental Chamber – One Seat

Directors serve for three-year terms. The positions are determined at FSC Australia’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) either by;

  • direct appointment when the number of eligible candidates does not exceed the relevant vacancy, or
  • are elected by the FSC members when there are more eligible candidates for the vacant positions.

The successful nominees will be determined and announced at the AGM to be held on 11 May 2023, in Melbourne. All members nominating for Director or members wishing to vote must be fully   paid members (including no arrears).

The FSC Australia Board of Directors:

The Board is comprised of nine Directors, three from each sectoral chamber.

Appointments are staggered and occur annually, such that three (3) positions become available every year.  

This year, due to several casual vacancies in 2023, we have 4 director positions available across the three chambers.

Nominations for Director positions CLOSE 17:00 AEST 19th April 2023

Completed forms are to be submitted via email
to m.harrison@acclime.com with the necessary attachments.