Furthermore, we are proud to acknowledge the value of female leadership within our FSC ANZ team. Our CEO, Melanie Robertson, was appointed in October 2022 after an extensive corporate leadership career across various sectors, including not-for-profit membership-based organisations and government and for-profit organisations in the health and renewable energy industry.


Melanie notes, “Leading FSC Australia & New Zealand as CEO, I take pride in our organisation's prioritisation of sustainable forestry practices and gender equity. Our pledge to inclusive participation and fair treatment for all workers, including women, enhances diversity, equity, and sustainability in the forestry industry. By choosing FSC-certified products, consumers can be assured that they are contributing to not only environmental sustainability but also the social and economic sustainability of all members of the FSC forestry community.

This International Women's Day, we are excited to showcase some of the exceptional women of our FSC forestry community through the #WomenInResponsibleForestry campaign. Their roles and unique perspectives on their experiences in the industry are featured below:

Rayne van den Berg

Rayne van den Berg, Forico Pty Ltd

Rayne van den Berg is the Chief Financial Officer for FSC-certified forestry organisation Forico Pty Limited, based in Tasmania. Forico manages the largest privately-owned land estate in Tasmania. Rayne’s first exposure to the forestry industry was when she started with Forico over three years ago after a successful career in the aquaculture, wine, agriculture, tourism and construction industries. She believes the diversity of thinking and experience of people who have worked outside of the industry should be welcomed and celebrated within the industry.

On her experience, Rayne states, “As the industry reimagines itself as an important solution to the dual natural capital risks of climate change and biodiversity loss, we need to ensure the transition is equitable and just for all."

“There are so many of the passionate people in the forestry industry that I have met on my journey - many of whom are brilliant women - and I am proud to celebrate their contributions with them.”


Maddie Campbell, Australian Bluegum Plantations

Maddie Campbell is the Silvicultural Supervisor at FSC-certified forestry organisation, Australian Bluegum Plantations Pty Ltd. Maddie's career in the industry spans an impressive 12 years and for the last six years, she has played a crucial role in upholding FSC’s standards for responsible forest management at Australian Bluegum Plantations.

She notes, “I was interested in forestry from a young age. I get a great sense of gratification from working in the sustainable forestry industry as my role gives me the ability to be outside in a continuously changing environment where no two days are the same.”

“As a forester, I am a custodian of the land, ensuring commercial, environmental and social outcomes are upheld.”

Sarah Orton

Sarah Orton, PF Olen Limited

Sarah Orton is an Environmental Forester at FSC-certified forestry organisation PF Olsen Limited. As a trailblazer in the forestry industry since graduating from the University of Canterbury in 2008, Sarah has been a vital part of the PF Olsen team for an impressive seven years. Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to responsible forestry are truly inspiring.

On her experience in the industry, Sarah says, “The diversity of the roles available within the industry means that there is always something that will suit everyone, no matter their skill set, background or gender. It’s also not just about cutting trees down, it's about the people, the communities, social and ecological, and the species that interact with those forests in all stages of their lifecycles. That complexity of interactions is what I truly love about the industry.”

Ebony Loveland

Ebony Loveland, HVP Plantations

Ebony Loveland serves as the Silviculture Planner at HVP Plantations, an FSC-certified forestry organisation located in Victoria. Ebony has been an important part of the HVP team for three and a half years. She initially joined the organisation as a Research Forester, but after returning from maternity leave, she has transitioned into her new role as a silvicultural planner.

On her experience in the forestry industry, Ebony says, “Some of the most knowledgeable and experienced staff who play a key role in the business are women, and all staff, male and female, are friendly and always willing to help. It’s been a rewarding career to be a part of HVP. This company endeavours to bring equity within the business, knowing that circumstances can make it more difficult for people to achieve the same goals. Gender equity is important; when we embrace it, we also embrace diversity and inclusion. By focusing on providing all genders with equal opportunities, we allow everyone in the workplace to be successful."

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