The meeting provided an opportunity to delve into FSC's International and national priorities, explore the alignment with the European Union's Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), and highlight the achievements of the FSC (ANZ) team across the organisation’s policy, promotional licencing, and brand awareness work. Discussions also focused on the challenges facing the organisation and its future direction, while the Board could present a remarkable financial turnaround for the organisation and a very positive outlook for the coming years. 

FSC ANZ celebrated the contributions of outgoing Directors Mike Thompson and Alfred ‘Parry’ Aguis, for their support and guidance throughout such a successful year and welcomed new and returning Directors, namely, Jon Dee and Stuart Blanch in the Environment Chamber, Suzanne Feary, Scott McLean and Rachael Cavanagh in the Social chamber and Michelle McAndrews and James Felton-Taylor in the Economic chamber. 

The current Board of Directors comprises: 

  • Social Chamber: Suzanne Feary, Scott McLean, Rachael Cavanagh 
  • Economic Chamber: James Felton-Taylor, Carlie Porteous, Michelle McAndrew 
  • Environment Chamber: Nicky Moffat, Stuart Blanch, Jon Dee 

The event featured special guest presenters Vanja Kitanovic from HVP Plantations, who explored the organisation's 20 years of FSC certification and the collaborative work they have done with FSC, along with Michael Brand, Forestry Extension Officer at the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade Northern Territory Government of Australia who showed an incredible video showcasing the Birany Birany community forestry project led by the NT Government and University of Sunshine Coast with the support of FSC ANZ and other organisations.   

FSC ANZ appreciates the invaluable contributions of all presenters and attendees, reinforcing our shared commitment to sustainable forest management. We look forward to another successful year together.