On September 19th, a diverse group of Australian businesses, comprising FSC promotional licence holders and certificate holders, convened for an extraordinary event hosted by HVP Plantations, the first-ever Australian FSC forest management certificate holder.

FSC Forest Walk

Amidst the greenery of HVP Plantations' estate, participants fully immersed themselves in the fascinating intricacies of the plantation life cycle. They delved deeply into the driving forces behind HVP's unwavering commitment to FSC certification and forest stewardship and gained profound insights into the environmental and social measures HVP Plantations have adopted to meet FSC's rigorous standards.

Melanie Robertson, CEO of FSC Australia and New Zealand, reflected on the event, saying, "This year's FSC Forest Walk brought together diverse members of our FSC community, representing various links in the supply chain, to offer them an authentic firsthand encounter with an FSC-certified forestry operation.”

Melanie Robertson

Spanning multiple locations within the expansive western HVP Plantations estate, this year's event brought together representatives from FSC-certified organisations such as Visy, Kimberly Clark, and Timberlink, as well as promotional licence holders including Coles, Officeworks, Hallmark, and more. Collectively, the group explored the intricate realm of FSC forest management practices.

Melanie conveyed her appreciation, saying, "We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Koby Phillips, a Traditional Owner from the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, who delivered a heartfelt Welcome to Country and highlighted the importance of caring for Country. FSC ANZ extends its gratitude to all those who attended and expresses our profound appreciation to HVP Plantations for their steadfast dedication to maintaining FSC's rigorous standards for responsible forest management. We are also thankful to them for orchestrating this exceptional and enlightening event for our stakeholders."

Melanie Robertson

Beyond celebrating FSC Forest Week, this event served as a pivotal moment for Australian businesses within the FSC community. It afforded them the unique opportunity to witness the tangible impact of sustainable forestry practices on the environment, biodiversity, and climate change mitigation. With HVP Plantations leading the way, the event fostered an environment for participants to learn, connect, and collaborate in their shared mission to champion a more sustainable future.

As FSC Forest Week unfolds from September 23rd to the 29th, the focus remains on raising awareness about the importance of sustainable forestry and encouraging consumers to check for the FSC label on forest fibre products. This year's theme, "Trust the Tree," emphasises the significance of choosing products bearing the FSC label as an assurance of a brand's support for sustainable forestry. Look out for Australian and New Zealand brands showcasing their FSC-certified products this week, proudly underscoring their commitment to sustainable forest management and the enduring protection of thriving forests for generations to come.